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I have been thinking that we can enhance the important holiday of Tisha B’Av by extending it to the traditional “Three Weeks” that precede it, just as we enhance our Holiday of Shavuot with the Counting of the Omer meditations and just as we prepare ourselves for the High Holidays through Selichot or for the night of Passover with our cleaning and for the week of Sukkot with our building of the Sukkah.

I read recently a piece by R. Soleveitchik who wrote that the preparation for Tish B’Av was similar to the mourning for the death [of a parent] but in the reverse order. In mourning for a parent, we have a funeral, then a week of shiva, then a shloshim, while in the build-up to Tisha B’av we have the three weeks and then the nine days and then the 9th day.He explains that with the death of a parent, the grief is fresh and gradually changes to a lessening of tears and a moving back to life, while with Tisha B’Av we have become accustomed to the absence of the Bet HaMikdash and so we use the three weeks and the nine days to gradually pull ourselves back to the place where we can cry afresh with our loss. How we can translate the loss of Bet HaMikdash [Temple] in our own lives is part of the challenge of the holy day?

I therefore would like to ask any Fabrangeners or friends of Fabrangeners to send me meditations, poetry, writings, and remembrances of past Tish B’avs or other sad appropriate occasions that for you echo or mirror or stand in for the traditional loss of the Bet HaMikdash, and to send them to me before June 24th (the beginning of the three weeks — if possible). I will then orchestrate the putting out of one or more out each day of the three weeks so we can spiritually prepare ourselves as a community for the time together on the evening of July 15th.

— Bob Rovinsky, June 21, 2013

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  1. Bracha Laster says:

    So wise, Bob. I will look for items to send you tomorrow.

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